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We stand behind our strict quality assurance with our selection of superior grade materials including brick, concrete blocks and steel siding for a sleek, contemporary look. The envelope will withstand both the test of time and the coldest climates. Upkeep is minimal keeping condo fees to a minimum, while providing the highest degree of comfort for years to come.

Properties are covered by the GCR new home warranties, certifying top quality construction standards and backed by a 5-year warranty on faulty work and hidden defects.

Enjoy the tranquillity of knowing you are in control of your own investment… as a co-owner, you’ll be involved in the building management and related condo expenses.

Don’t wait! Call our Project Manager today. She can guide you in making the right decision for you, answer all of your questions and keep you updated as your new dwelling is well supervised from start to finish.

MNad’s approach is based on teamwork and a trustworthy buyer-builder relationship. Our goal is to provide our clients a sense of belonging and a home that fills them with pride.


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